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Sore Throat and Ear Pain on One Side with Covid

Sore Throat and Ear Pain on One Side with Covid

It is no longer news that sore throat is one of the common Covid 19 symptoms. Fever, flu, loss of taste, loss of smell, cough, runny nose, cold, and nasal congestion are some of the other manifestations as observed from cases and reported by reliable health bodies.

But in the wake of new SARS-CoV-2 virus variants, it has been reported that this sore throat can be accompanied by pain in the ear. It could even be on one ear, rather than on both ears. This discomfort in the ear can be so severe that it affects hearing and even causes tinnitus.

This subject will be covered in this IST Health welfare study. So, continue to read this article to find out more details about the Coronavirus, as this will help in making informed decisions and creating the needed awareness.

Why Ear Pain Could Be a Symptom of Covid 19

The Sar-CoV-2 virus (regardless of the variant) causes a disease or infection that affects the respiratory system of affected patients. As with many other respiratory infections, there is a chance that the infection can affect the ear; causing discomfort, tinnitus, and even loss of hearing.

However, the kind of ear pain associated with Covid is mostly down to the prominence of sore throat as one of the symptoms. This is particularly the case with certain variants. The Delta variant is one of the variants that cause a sore throat with an earache. This could be on one or both ears.

From gathered medical data, it can be said that how mild or severe the infection would be is determined by several factors. These factors include the variant and the prior health state of affected individuals.

These variables will also influence the treatment approach, besides the common treatment procedures. Speaking of getting the proper medical care in such cases, proper diagnosis is important. The reason is that many of the symptoms are not only peculiar to covid 19 but other respiratory diseases and infections.

Those with a mild cold or flu can have the same manifestations. So, a Covid 19 test will help the patient and doctor know the next line of action.

Why Ear Pain Could Be a Symptom of Covid 19

Covid 19 Patients Who May Likely Experience Sore Throat with Earache

Gathered data from reliable sources suggest that some covid 19 patients have increased chances of experiencing a sore throat with an earache. They include patients who:

Have Certain Variants

Having reviewed various Covid 19 cases, people infected with variants such as the Delta are more likely to be affected. Furthermore, patients with omicron are more likely to have a sore throat. However, this is not likely to be accompanied by ear discomfort but other symptoms like runny nose, cold, and a few other symptoms.

Obese people

The state of the Eustachian tube can be adversely affected by fatty deposits. This causes the clogging of the tube and can lead to earache if obese people get infected with the Covid virus.

This is one of the several reasons obese people need to cut down on their excess store of fat. You may want to find out if the Noom app really does work for weight loss.


Lifestyle habits also come into play. This is why smokers are more likely to have ear discomfort if/when they test positive for Covid infection or disease.


This is because some parts of their respiratory setup are still developing. Particularly, the size of a child’s Eustachian tube is not enlarged enough and this can cause earache if/when they test positive for the covid infection or disease.

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