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How Long Does Magnesium Stay in Your Body?

How Long Does Magnesium Stay in Your Body?

Magnesium is one of those minerals that don’t stay too long in your body. Depending on a couple of factors, magnesium stays in the body for between 12 hours to a whole day. Its quick let-off and its several benefits are why people need to make magnesium a huge part of their daily diet.

A deficiency of this mineral can adversely affect a person’s health. One of the adverse effects is the increased risk of diseases including – high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, and several other health complications. So, this is just a reason to take magnesium intake seriously.

This is even why magnesium supplementation may be recommended as the best way to help some people get as much magnesium as they need daily. This is besides trying to source it from regular food intake. More about magnesium will be covered in this IST Health nutrition study. So, make sure to read on.

Symptoms of Low Magnesium Levels

To put things in proper perspective, there is a difference between low and severe magnesium levels. Your magnesium level can be considered to be low if you have less than 1.8 mg/dL of blood. Your magnesium level can be said to be severe if your blood does not have as much as 1.25 mg/dL. Some of the symptoms suggesting that your magnesium level is low or even severely low include:

Adverse Effects on Bone Health

Vitamins like vitamin D and minerals like calcium are often considered the most important for improved bone health. This is true but you cannot rule out the essential role magnesium plays as well. For example, magnesium ensures that calcium is drawn out from body tissue and muscle to benefit bones. As a result, studies have shown how the chances of preventing or even properly managing a bone-affecting disease like osteoporosis are reduced without steady absorption of this magnesium.

Symptoms of Low Magnesium Levels

Pregnancy and PMS Discomforts

On the whole, men have more dietary needs for magnesium than their female counterparts. But even at that, females benefit a lot from this mineral. This is especially the case with pregnant women as they need 30 – 60 more milligrams of this mineral than other women.

This is why it may be best that pregnant women do not only rely on regular foods to get this essential mineral. The use of magnesium supplements can come in very handy as well.

By the way, some forms of magnesium are not safe for use during pregnancy. This is why you should be mindful of the magnesium supplement and regular products you use during pregnancy stages. For example, some antacids contain magnesium forms that are not safe for these women.

On the sidelines, you can find out if it is safe to take Tums while pregnant. Some studies (although inconclusive) also point out how magnesium can help ease PMS symptoms like bloating, cramps, painful breast tenderness, and fluid retention.

Sleep Disorder and Poor Mental Health

Low or severe levels of magnesium can adversely affect your sleep. Some studies suggest that the production of melatonin – a hormone important for quality sleep; is increased with optimal magnesium levels. We also gathered that this mineral helps prevent or properly manage depression and anxiety.

Poor Skin

Magnesium does a lot of internal regulation in the body. Some of these regulations help improve the look and state of the skin. For example, magnesium improves cellular processes, lowers Cortisol levels, and stabilizes hormonal imbalances. All these help the skin by reducing aches and providing protection against skin disorders.

Loss of Energy

You should not take unexplainably low energy lightly. It could be several things including low magnesium levels. This can cause fatigue, loss of drive, and other things that suggest loss of energy.

Just as magnesium deficiency should be avoided, so is magnesium overdose as it can be fatal. To ensure that you absorb safe, rather than high amounts of this mineral, you should consult your doctor or dietitian for advice on how much magnesium you should use daily.

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