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Can You Take Dramamine While Pregnant First Trimester?

Can You Take Dramamine While Pregnant First Trimester?

It is a well-known fact that pregnancy comes with some common and uncommon discomforting symptoms for many. Morning sickness with symptoms such as nausea and vomiting are a few examples. Considering how mild or severe these uncomfortable symptoms are, as well as other factors at work, it may be important to take medications that can help out. However, you are in a sensitive state as a pregnant woman and this means you simply cannot use any medication.

You need to be a hundred percent certain that your health and that of your baby will not be threatened by any ingredient in the drug that you use. For example, some heartburn relief medications are unsafe for pregnant women, because of some of the dangers of some of their ingredients. Fortunately, women can take Tums medicine while pregnant, as it is one of the safe and most effective antacids for pregnant women.

In the same vein, there are safe medications that can provide relief for motion sickness and morning sickness-induced nausea and vomiting. Is Dramamine one such, and can it be used even in the first trimester? Read on as this IST Health sexuality study will keep you informed with the answers to this question.

Is Dramamine Safe for Use During Pregnancy?

The active ingredient in this drug is dimenhydrinate and it is considered a class B drug. The implication is that studies (although inconclusive) have revealed that its active ingredient is not unsafe for the treatment of pertinent medical conditions in pregnant women.

This is because there is no proof that it possesses features that can put pregnant women and the baby in their womb in harm’s way. In other words, its side effects (if any) do not pose a serious threat during pregnancy.

When Can Pregnant Women Safely Take Dramamine?

When Can Pregnant Women Safely Take Dramamine?

Even as early as the first week or first trimester when the fetus is in its early developmental phase, pregnant women can take Dramamine as it is relatively safe for use. However, it is best to run the decision to use this medication by your doctor.

This is because it might not be the best option, especially in light of particular situations that may arise. For example, people with thyroid or blood pressure problems may expose themselves to a serious risk or two if they use it. So, run the decision to use this drug by your doctor.

Despite is safety status during pregnancy, your doctor is in the best position to offer the right prescription. This will help you avoid drug compatibility problems and use this medication alongside other medications that will make it more potent.

For example, prior use of medications containing Diclegis (vitamin B6 or pyridoxine and doxylamine) and Bonjesta before using this drug may be inappropriate. So, set out a day to see your doctor about your prescription, if you have to use this drug.

By the way, there are a few natural ways to go about the treatment. Some of them include the use of foods like ginger and peppermint. Also, alternative therapy treatment like acupressure is said to help as well.

Is Dramamine Effective?

It is one of the reported potent medications for the treatment of pregnancy-induced motion and morning sickness. Although it is primarily to relieve symptoms like vomiting and stomach nausea that are linked with motion sickness, it works for morning sickness in many cases.

In some cases, it is still effective for the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum (the severe kind of morning sickness). Trusted reports from people who use this medication at various points in time have also pointed this out.

We have other information on our website’s sexuality segment that you will find helpful. For example, you can read about this study that discusses the signs suggesting that labor is 24 to 48 hours away.

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