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Is Ginger Ale Good for You?

Is Ginger Ale Good for You?

Ginger ale is classified as a soda product for the most part. So, it cannot necessarily be termed a health product. However, it offers some health benefits because of its primary ingredient.

What are these health benefits and potential side effects (if any)? Read on to get answers to these questions and more.

Health Benefits of Ginger Ale

Of course, there are certain health benefits to drinking ginger ale. This is as long as you get the right kind of this soda drink. Some of the ways ginger ale can help people that drink this carbonated beverage are listed and discussed below:

Antioxidant Features

Ginger root in itself offers several health benefits. Its antioxidant quality is one of the reasons this extract is used to make this soda beverage. As a result, drinking the right kind of Ginger ale means that you can protect body cells in a natural and effective way.

It will Help Deal with Inflammation

The joints and brain are parts that can be susceptible to inflammation. Several side effects unfold when these parts give in to inflammation. Well, one of the benefits of drinking (the right kind of ginger ale) is the prevention or effective management of inflammation in the joints and brain.

It Reduces Nausea

Several factors could be responsible for nausea. But a common one is stomach flu. Ginger ale is very effective in treating the sort of nausea that comes with stomach flu. But in addition to that, it also reduces the kind of nausea associated with pregnancy-related morning sickness, chemotherapy, and severe migraine. Speaking of migraine, let’s move on to the next point.

Treatment for Migraine

Some migraine treatment products are made using ginger. This is because certain properties in this extract can help in the treatment of migraine. Considering that ginger ale primarily contains ginger, it is effective for the treatment of migraine.

Natural and Good Alternative to Caffeine

Natural and Good Alternative to Caffeine

Caffeinated drinks like coffee and the like help people stay active and improve concentration levels. But the problems are the downsides associated with such drinks. This is other than the fact that they can be addictive (if care is not taken).

It is for this reason that the need to consume more water instead of caffeinated products is advised. But let’s face it, there may be a need for more than what water has to offer. To this end, ginger ale seems to be a better option than coffee and other caffeinated beverages and drinks at large.

By and large, the primary content in premium quality ginger ale drink – ginger root; has things that support healthy living. However, it should be taken moderately. This is to avoid consuming high amounts of sugar in the form of artificial sweeteners, flavor, and every other thing that gives this drink a sugary taste.

It is also on this note that diet ginger ale is more recommended. Although this kind contains artificial sweeteners, they are free of calories and a more healthy option. Some health experts consider it a better option than consuming products with high amounts of fructose corn syrup.

It is also important that you get real and fresh ginger ale. This is rather than fake options that use artificial ingredients. This is because most (if not all) of the benefits are because of its ginger content. For the record, ginger has several health benefits and it is even used as a natural and homemade method to remove skin tags.


There are health benefits to drinking ginger ale and this is especially because of its major ingredient – ginger root. However, only consume this soda drink moderately to avoid the side effects that include weight gain, gassiness, and all the side effects associated with most carbonated drinks. You can check the IST Health nutrition segment for related details.

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