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How to Remove Skin Tags in One Night

How to Remove Skin Tags in One Night

Various clinically proven and non-proven ways to remove skin tags exist. But when it comes to getting rid of them as soon as possible, seeing a dermatologist or specialized doctor is the safest and quickest option. This is also to get proper care after medical treatment.

With a dermatologist or specialized doctor on top of the situation, you can even have that skin tag out in minutes. Read on to see the various skin tag removal methods and how they work.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

Skin tags pose no health threat to those that have them. This is regardless of how many they are. The reason is that they consist of noncancerous cells. Skin tags can show up in many parts of the body. But you might have noticed how it is more likely in some parts than in other parts. Some of these body parts include the:

  • Neck
  • Breast
  • Armpit
  • Groin area
  • Eyelids (most especially the eyelid hair’s behind)

To further buttress how skin tags are not a threat to your health; people with skin tags do not feel pain because of their presence. But pain might be felt if a skin tag is pressured by weight. This is something that can happen even on bare skin without any skin tag.

By the way, obese people have been discovered to have an increased chance of having this growth. So, you can find out how to lose weight quickly, safely, and effectively.

Surgical and OTC (Over-the-Counter) Skin Tag Removal Methods

Surgical and OTC (Over-the-Counter) Skin Tag Removal Methods

Of course, skin tags can be removed using natural methods as will be addressed in the next section. But for the most part, the quickest way to remove them is through well-conducted medical procedures.

Some OTC products can also be used for effective and speedy skin tag removal. Let’s start by discussing the options as far as surgery is concerned:


This involves the use of electricity. Yes, actual electric current!

The mere mention of electricity for skin tag removal is scary for some. But it is nothing to worry about as long as a trained and experienced doctor or dermatologist oversees the surgery.

Use of Surgical Scissors

The very base of every skin tag is targeted. Then the expert will snip off the skin tag at the base using this tool. After the surgery, a bandage is usually used to stop blood loss and aid the healing process.


These growths are exposed to a degree of heat enough to make them fall off. But caution is of utmost importance as exposure to heat should not damage the skin at large.


Through the use of an ideal amount of nitrogen liquid, skin tags are subjected to very cold temperatures. Eventually, these skin tags do not find a conducive atmosphere to thrive and eventually fall off.


Blood supply is essential for the continued presence of any skin tag. In essence, cutting off this life’s fluid supply to the skin tag causes it to fall off eventually. This is what ligation does and how it helps.

These are most of the surgery options for skin tag removal. Just like we promised, the OTC solutions include the use of:

Freezing Kits

There is a measure of low temperature that is not conducive for this growth. The use of this OTC product is hinged on this. Other than dealing with skin tags, these freezing kits are also effective in removing moles & warts.


As a result of the therapeutic features of some chemicals in some OTC creams, they support skin tag removal. Some of them are also effective in removing moles & warts.

Natural Remedies for Skin Tags

There are various resources with ideas on skin tag removal using homemade and natural solutions. Some of them have been clinically proven, while some have not. Some of the popular homemade and natural solutions include:

Vitamin E

There are several benefits of vitamin E. This is why it is a major part of many treatments. For one, this vitamin has positive effects on the skin and supports healthy living at large. As regards the removal of skin tags, its antioxidant features are mostly the reason it can do this.


Users dab any of both types of vinegar (apple cider & white vinegar) on affected parts of the skin. Many have reported seeing major positive effects after doing this for a while.

Various Natural Oil

Several kinds of natural oil can help because of their antiviral & antifungal features. Castor oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil are some natural oils you can dab on affected parts of the skin. Some users have reported positive effects, which include the removal of skin tags.

Natural Ingredients

Because of the bioactive compounds and antimicrobial features of some natural ingredients, they have been discovered to help as well. Options like ginger (even in ginger ale form), garlic, and banana peel, come in highly recommended.


Various surgery and quality OTC products offer quicker and safer guarantees for those who want to remove skin tags. But there are also natural solutions available as pointed out here. You can check the IST Health beauty segment for related details.

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