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How to Get Hair Dye off Skin When Dried without Rubbing Alcohol

How to Get Hair Dye off Skin When Dried without Rubbing Alcohol

Many of us like to spice things up with our hair. Besides having the best hairdo, we go the extra mile by adding color with hair dye. The problem is that using hair dye leaves us vulnerable to stains. This happens when the hair dye makes its way to our skin and not just our hair (as expected).

This begs the question of how you can remove hair dye from the skin. We’ll take things a step further in this IST Health lifestyle article by offering how to do this even without rubbing alcohol.

Use Preventive Tactic

The priority should be preventing hair dye stains on your skin, rather than trying to remove the stain. This will save you the hard work of figuring out how to remove the hair dye stain in the first place. On that note, here are a few tips to help you avoid hair dye stains on your skin:

Use Gloves

Don’t spread the hair dye on your hair with your bare fingers or hands. Use gloves as it’ll reduce the chances of staining your hands and other parts of your skin.

Use Petroleum Jelly

It is easier to wipe hair dye off your skin when it is wet and slippery. It becomes more difficult when the skin is wet. This is why we recommend the use of petroleum jelly on the skin before using the hair dye. By the way, Vaseline and baby oil products are some of the best for this purpose.

Spread the petroleum jelly on areas that can be easily stained in the process. The hairline area and other parts of the face are good examples.

Use Protective Clothing

Other than the use of gloves, use protective clothing such as towels to cover vulnerable skin areas. It could also be clothes that you can afford to get stained.

Have Warm Water Available

The more settled the stain is, the more permanent it seems. This is why you should make moves to remove the stain quickly. For this reason, you should have warm water and soap on standby. You should apply both within a few minutes after you get stained.

5 Ways to Remove Hair Dye Stains without the Use of Alcohol

Alcohol is a common tip for removing hair dye stains, but there are other tricks. Some of them include:

Makeup Remover

Makeup remover is not just capable of removing makeup. It can also help remove hair dye stains from your skin. Just apply a reasonable amount to the stained skin area with the aid of a cotton ball, and then rub gently.

Allow the makeup remover to work its magic for a few minutes before you rinse it off with warm water. You can also rinse the affected area initially with water and dish-washing soap, before finally rinsing it with plain water.

Dish-Washing Liquid Soap and Baking Soda

A soapy mixture of both should be made and applied to the affected parts of the skin. Afterward, start by rubbing gently and gradually increasing the intensity of each scrub. Just make sure you don’t injure yourself in the process of scrubbing. Finally, rinse the area with water.

Non-Gel Toothpaste

The toothpaste used needs to be non-gel. You can either apply the toothpaste solution using cotton wool or a toothbrush. We prefer the latter as it’ll enable you to scrub the affected area better. Rinse it all with warm water after scrubbing for a few minutes.

But the way, using a toothbrush to apply hair dye is a good idea. For example, it helps you reach your scalp better and keep the dye within your hairline.

Nail Polish Remover

For starters, it is not advised that you use this trick on the face. To use this option, have a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover. Take care to squeeze the cotton ball very well; letting out an excessive amount of it in the process.

Dab the affected part of the skin with the cotton wool. Ensure that you are not feeling any uncomfortable sensation in your skin. If you are, rinse the area immediately with warm water and soap. Usually, this method does not take long as the nail polish remover is not supposed to stay on the skin for long.

Olive Oil

We cannot rule out the fact that this method is not as effective as the aforementioned methods. However, it is the safest and offers some degree of effectiveness as well. The use of olive oil (possibly applied with a cotton ball) will soften the hold the dye has on the skin. This will start making the stain look less permanent. Eventually, it can help you get rid of the stain.

And just in case you are not able to get rid of all the stains, you can go ahead doing other things for the time being. For example, you can do physically exhausting things like some exercises for flabby arms. The sweating will further help in breaking down the dye’s color and removing it eventually.

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