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Exercises for Flabby Arms – 5 Effective Workout Programs

Exercises for Flabby Arms - 5 Effective Workout Programs

Some people can be very unique in the way they experience fat distribution in the body. For example, some people have excess fat in their fingers and would like to lose finger fat fast and quickly. Similarly, some people have a great deal of fat in their arms. Losing arm fat is not going to happen magically. However, it is a huge possibility, especially with exercise.

However, it has to be exercises that are best at helping people get rid of flabby arms. This is why this IST Health weight loss post will touch on some of these exercises. So, keep reading to find out effective workout programs that will help you tone your flabby arms into something that you will be proud of.

It Takes More than Exercise to Lose Flabby Arms

Your well-informed fitness program is a huge step towards losing fat in your arms. However, it takes more than just working your biceps, triceps, and other arm muscles to convert those flabby arms.

Besides your ability to perform these exercises properly and regularly, nutrition is a huge part of what would be your success story. This is why you need to watch your diet. In essence, your diet should only consist of foods that will support this weight loss course. For this reason, you should start the fitness program alongside your nutrition program.

Exercises that Help Tone Flabby Arms

Before delving into some of these exercises, you should understand that you slowly become better at these workout programs as you gain mastery, as well as gradually build strength and endurance. For this reason, you should slowly increase the number of workout sets and reps that you perform with time. Here are a few exercises (with and without weights) that can help in getting rid of that flabby arm:

It Takes More than Exercise to Lose Flabby Arms

Bench Press

This requires lying with your back facing the bench. You are to push the barbell up and down with your hands over your chest. You should try to lift the weight as straight as you can to maintain a balance. Ensure that you do not lift your feet from the ground while pushing the barbell weight.

Besides helping you get rid of flabby arms by working on your bicep muscle, tricep muscle, and other arm muscles; this workout would work the muscles of your chest and the upper part of your body.

Dumbbell Curling

You would need two dumbbells of the same size for this. One dumbbell should be held with your left hand and the other with your right hand.

Your starting position happens while standing with your hands holding the dumbbells tightly by your side. The position is such that the dumbbells are reaching toward your knees while you are in a standing position. While holding the dumbbell, you should slightly turn your right hand to the right and your left hand to the left.

The next action is to bring up your hands carrying the weight towards your shoulders – Your left hand to the left shoulder, and your right hand to the right shoulder. The ground rule is to allow your elbows to do the hard work by not moving your biceps and triceps. You should repeat this pattern several times to make up a reasonable number of reps and sets.

Push Ups

Dumbbells, barbells, and all the fancy gym equipment will not be needed for this exercise. You can do it all by yourself. The starting position is right on the floor. You are to lay straight on the floor with your face facing the ground. The exercise requires that your entire body is rested on your hands and your feet as you lower and push up your body.

Chair Dip

You need a strong chair or chair-like platform for this exercise. You start by sitting down and then you lower your body to the floor. Your hands will be positioned on the edge of the chair for stability while you do this.

The next thing would be to raise your entire body with the help of your hands and lower your body to the ground intermittently. This exercise will work all your arm muscles if done correctly.


Just like pushups, this exercise equally does not require the use of weight or any fancy gym equipment. It is also simple but effective. You just have to act like you are pushing a bag with both of your hands. Start slowly and try to be quicker with your moves with time.

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