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How to Get Rid of Arm Fat Fast

How to Get Rid of Arm Fat Fast

Shaping and toning the muscle mass in the arms contributes to fat loss in your arms. Exercise (but the right kind of exercise) will help you achieve this. However, diet (good nutrition), and sleep; are a few other important factors as well. Read on as we will fill you in on how to get rid of arm fat quickly.

Does Spot Targeting Arm Fat Work?

Weight and fat loss do not work that way. Those interested in losing fat in the arm need to lose fat in other parts of their body. Just so that we are clear, spot targeting focuses on fat reduction in one part of the body without general weight loss.

We understand how you might have heard otherwise as some sources claim it is possible. Some exercises and surgical procedures are said to help in this regard. Well, here is a definitive explanation to help you understand how fat or weight loss works.

It is like trying to drain out water from one part of a pool without focusing on other parts. This would not work as water in other parts of the pool will make way to the part you keep draining.

It works the same way with weight or fat loss. So, how much weight you can lose in your flabby arm is tied to how much weight you can lose in your entire body.

To reduce fat in your arm and do so fast, general weight loss is the solution. But even at that, there are things to be done to make every muscle in the arm well-built. By doing this, you will cause the arms to have great shape and to be well-toned.

Exercises to Help Get Rid of Arm Fat Fast

Factors such as pregnancy can be responsible for excess fat in the arm and parts such as the elbow. Just as with morning sickness, these are things some females will have to deal with. Except for this, many exercises would come in handy for reducing fat in the arms.

One way to know them is the amount of reliance on the arm while the workout goes on. Workouts (fitness training) and physical activities that put certain amounts of physical strain on the arms should be prioritized.

For every one of these exercises and more, you must understand that you get better with time. You can start with small reps and sets initially. Then increase those reps and sets as you get used to the exercises. It is a step-by-step thing. Some of these workouts include:

Push Ups

Exercises to Help Get Rid of Arm Fat Fast

Push Ups should readily come to mind for arm fat reduction. One reason is that you do not have to visit the gym or have fancy equipment for Push Ups. Push Ups can be done right at home or in your immediate space. You just have to lie down in a straight position on the floor.

Push Ups are a very flexible exercise given that there is more than one version of this workout. For example, there is one that requires that you lift and hold your body weights still on the plank position. This makes it one of the best workouts for this purpose.

Tricep Presses

Unlike Push Ups, a dumbbell is needed for tricep presses (two dumbbells actually). Each dumbbell will have to be held in each hand as you move the weight on each hand back and forth. You also need to take the right standing position to make it very effective for building your tricep, bicep, and every other muscle and part of your arm (elbows, hands, shoulders, feet, and others).

Tricep Dips

Just like with Push Ups, you might not need fancy gym equipment for this one. You can use your coffee table, your sturdy chair, or anything strong that would not threaten your balance. You need to place your arms backward like in a sitting position. Then push your entire body weight with an upper and lower sequence using (only) your hands.

Mind you, you do not have to do it very fast. Even doing it slowly will get the desired effects on your triceps and some other parts of the arm. This is as long as you do it well. You should also know that the shape of your shoulder will improve with time as you do this exercise.

Diet Is Equally Important

As sources such as Wikihow have rightly pointed out, diet can make or mar your plans to lose arm fat fast. So, good nutrition is of the essence. Bearing this in mind, here is what you should and should not do:

  • Cutting down on carbs (Especially refined and unhealthy carbs) – this will help get rid of that flabby arm fast
  • Increase your protein intake – Protein will increase and improve your muscles and so it should form an important part of your diet
  • Drink Enough Water – This would help the calorie-burning process (improved metabolism) and curb your desire for unhealthy foods (junk).

The physical transformations from having a flabby arm to well-toned arms you see on those jpg images are possible. Just do the right workouts and ensure proper nutrition for this purpose.


We also need to stress the importance of sleep. So, get enough rest as well. For more weight loss-related details, you can check the IST Health weight loss segment.

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