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Can You Drink Energy Drinks while Pregnant?

Can You Drink Energy Drinks while Pregnant?

There is so much that comes with pregnancy. One such is the feeling of fatigue, especially in the first trimester. As a result, it only seems reasonable to turn to energy drinks for benefits such as boosting one’s energy. But you need to understand that pregnancy is a delicate stage.

This means that you need to be very careful of the things you consume. This is because some things that are safe for regular women are not safe for pregnant women. For example, there are only select antacids that you can take while pregnant.

In the spirit of providing relevant maternal information, this IST Health welfare article will help you know if you should avoid energy drinks while pregnant. So, read on to see if drinking these drinks during pregnancy is safe. By the way, this study is informed by several other studies, including studies by Pubmed.

Energy Drinks Are Bad News for Pregnant Women

There is no need to mince words about this. Consumption of energy drinks, while you are pregnant, is not a good idea. There are other alternatives but safe drinks that can help you deal with pregnancy-induced fatigue. Some of the best options you can take during pregnancy include:

  • Pomegranate juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Apple and mango juice
  • Strawberry and banana smoothie
  • Piping –hot tea
  • Chia fresco
  • Buttermilk

Even coffee is a better alternative despite containing caffeine. You just have to be mindful of the amount of caffeine that you consume from coffee. This is because high levels of caffeine intake are dangerous during pregnancy. You should only consume a low quantity (if you must). This is why you should not have more than a cup of coffee a day during pregnancy.

And just so you know, you are exposed to more caffeine from energy drinks than you would from coffee. This is because they have more caffeine content than coffee. This is one of the several reasons consuming them during pregnancy is not safe.

Reasons You Should Not Drink Energy Drinks During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you also have to do what is best for the baby before birth. This includes being mindful of your diet.

Against this backdrop, you should know that consuming energy drinks can compromise the healthy state of both the pregnant woman and her baby. This is because of some of the possible adverse effects of this drink on expectant moms and the baby or babies in the womb. Some of the ingredients that make up this drink are the reason for this and here is how:


One bottle of the average energy drink contains an average of 14 tablespoons of sugar. This is too much sugar for expectant women. Because of the interaction of water and sugar in the body cells and its other impacts, the following adverse effects are a possibility when energy drinks are consumed by pregnant women:

  • Increased chances of being dehydrated
  • Increased risk of congenital disabilities, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia in the baby in the womb
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Adverse impact on mood

These are some of the reasons you should not add them to your diet during pregnancy.


Most (if not all energy drinks) have an enormous amount of caffeine in them. On average, you would need to drink 5 cups of coffee to come anywhere close to the amount of caffeine you would get from consuming one energy drink. As a result of the rich but dangerous quantity of caffeine in them, some of the possible adverse effects include:

  • Increased risk of the baby showing symptoms of ADHD or ADD at some point
  • Restlessness for pregnant women and the baby in their womb
  • Possibility of experiencing premature pregnancy or even miscarriage

As a result of all these and more, expectant women are safer with an energy drink-free diet. By the way, there are other ingredients besides sugar and caffeine in them that are not safe for pregnant women.

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