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Upper Left Back Pain When Breathing Deeply – Possible Causes

Upper Left Back Pain When Breathing Deeply - Possible Causes

Pain in the back, while you breathe, is either caused by an issue with your back or an underlying health problem. If it is a result of an underlying condition, it is usually more severe and chronic. As a result, timely treatment is required.

A doctor has to be seen for diagnosis and treatment (if it is discovered that the problem is a serious underlying condition). Here in this IST Health welfare post, we take a look at how both underlying medical complications and mere back troubles can be responsible for back pain. This is especially upper left back pain that is felt when breathing deeply.

Symptoms Suggesting Back Pain Caused by Underlying Medical Conditions

A lot of people experience physical discomfort from time to time. For example, many women feel frequent back pain during pregnancy. But mostly, it is because of the rigors that a person’s body can be subjected to. Back and chest pain happens to be very common forms of physical discomfort experienced as a result.

Even so, some kinds of back pain are beyond the ordinary. They are a result of an underlying medical condition. Some of the symptoms that may suggest such cases are:

  • Back and/or chest pain in the lower, upper, left, or right side of the back or chest when breathing
  • When a person finds it difficult to breathe properly
  • Sharp or stabbing pain in the chest or back
  • Precise pain in the position of your lungs
  • Pain accompanied by dizziness and/or fatigue
  • Pain spreads to some other parts
  • Persistent pain with very little or no improvement

Even with these symptoms or more, you still need your doctor’s help in finding out if the problem is mere back pain or something more serious.

Underlying Health Conditions that Cause Back Pain

Several underlying health issues can cause symptoms like back pain even when breathing. Some of them are:

Symptoms Suggesting Back Pain Caused by Underlying Medical Conditions

Heart Attack

Heart attacks can happen suddenly. But more often than not, it is a gradual occurrence as the body gives signs some weeks, days, or even hours ahead of the experience. One of the symptoms that a heart attack is looming can be a pain in the upper part of the back.


Some tissues cover the lung’s exterior. Pleurisy is the name of the infection that causes these lung tissues to swell. Chest or back pain especially when breathing is one of pleurisy’s effects.

Treatments include the use of antibiotics, hormonal medications, and even surgery. By and large, medical care is required for treating this condition.

Pulmonary Embolism

A Pulmonary Embolism happens when certain parts of the lungs that should get blood supply do not get blood supply. This is caused by a blood clot in a lung artery. Back pain is one of the possible outcomes of Pulmonary Embolism.

Lung Cancer

There aren’t too many cancers with adverse effects that include back pain. Lung cancer is one of the few ones. This is although the chance of experiencing back pain with lung cancer is still slim.

These are a few underlying conditions that can cause back pain in the chest and/or back, especially when breathing.

Other Causes of Back Pain

Besides underlying complications as explained above, some of the other causes of back pain include:

A deformed Spine

The spine covers a large part. However, the spine covers the back area more than any other part. So, it is not hard to understand how spinal deformities such as scoliosis can cause back pain.

Back Injury

This could be injuries to the spine. It could also be an injury to any other part of the back.

Muscle Strain

Intense exercises that put more pressure than needed on certain muscles in the back are usually to blame for this. Muscle strain is the term used to explain how sore the affected muscles have become.

Intense Pressure from Weight

Carrying too much weight can also adversely affect the back, particularly; the lungs. This can lead to back pain while breathing.

Bad Posture

Bad posture can do as much damage as compress the respiratory system. This strain can cause back pain when breathing.

Other than regular medical treatments, there are special therapy treatments for back pain. Affected people can make the most of such.

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