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My Poop Smells Different After Covid

My Poop Smells Different After Covid

As a viral infection, a lot is known about Covid 19. One of the much-known things about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its various variants is some of the associated symptoms. For example, Ageusia – loss of taste; is one symptom that many people are aware of. This is because some symptoms are more common and pronounced than others.

On the contrary, publicity about some symptoms is questionable. Sore throat and ear pain on one side with covid is an example. It also explains why many people are not aware that parosmia – a distorted sense of smell; and anosmia – partial or total loss of smell; are possible symptoms. So, the covid infection may be the culprit if you realize that your smelling is distorted; partially or totally lost.

This IST Health welfare study will discuss how covid 19 could affect your olfactory system. This study also highlights ways to help a person who has been affected by this condition.

Parosmia Could be an Issue Even After Covid 19 Disease

Testing negative for Covid 19 disease after testing positive for the viral infection may still adversely impact the body. In clear terms, some patients will have to deal with adverse effects in their bodies even after testing negative.

This is the idea behind long covid – adverse symptoms even after the covid experience. Parosmia and anosmia are possible long covid symptoms as reported based on studies conducted on group participants.

The experience can be so bad considering how things that are supposed to smell pleasant smell terrible, while things that normally have a foul smell now smell fine. One of the participants in a group study reported how her poop didn’t smell bad, other than the terrible sight of it. As a result, she was almost tempted to see nothing wrong with staying long around her stool.

On the contrary, another participant reported how food is the most hit by covid-caused parosmia. This is because good foods do not taste and smell good any longer. As a result, there is little or no motivation to eat.

Specifically, this particular participant explained in graphic detail how “eating scrambled eggs is nearly impossible because it smells and tastes like rotten garbage. It’s worse if there’s onion in it as it smells and tastes metallic”.

Ways to Support People with Covid-Caused Parosmia

Ways to Support People with Covid-Caused Parosmia

Here are some recommendations for helping people who experience covid-caused parosmia:

Mental Support

Covid 19 and long covid have taught us how certain body functions are not as valued as they should be. The activities of the nose are a good example as the inability to smell or smell properly can be traumatic. Considering that people with long covid symptoms may be consigned to this fate for weeks, months, or even over a year, they need mental support.

Motivating the Person to Eat

Taste is a major reason people eat. This explains why people with parosmia and anosmia may lose the desire to eat as food smells bad. You can support such a person by motivating them to eat. This will help prevent weight loss and also help them live a healthy life even after the covid experience.

Olfactory Training

These are different kinds of olfactory training aimed at helping the cells in the nose return back to normalcy. This training is recommended for people with this condition.

Further Research

More research and studies are needed to enable the treatment of people with this condition. One of the challenges is that affected people are a small percentage of people with long covid symptoms.

Other posts on this website can be read to keep you well-informed. For example, you can read this study on why a person’s hands and feet are always cold and sweaty.

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