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When Do You Start to Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

When Do You Start to Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

There are several pregnancy-related questions you need to ask before you even begin worrying about signs that labor is 24-48 hours away. One such is why and when pregnant women begin to feel hot flashes. This knowledge would ensure that you are not caught unawares. Other than this, this information would also ensure that you are aware of what needs to be done to help the situation.

Against this backdrop, IST Health’s sexuality segment will answer this question. So, read on to get answers.

When Do Pregnant Women Usually Start to Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

As a result of the various factors that influence when pregnant women begin to feel hot flashes and how they do not play out at the same time, they all do not start to feel hot around the same time. But more often than not, the overheating experience should happen by the 20th week after the conception of the baby in the uterus.

However, it is expected that the heat is felt from as early as the first trimester. It is only normal that the intermittent rise in body temperature peaks at some point. This means that the heat will become more discomforting at some point.

In most cases, this happens during the 3rd trimester period; which is closer to the time of birth. This is especially the case for those who add significant weight at this point.

Coupled with morning sickness’s signs and symptoms, fever and sweating may set in. This is why they need to be periodically assessed by a maternity-inclined doctor. Being reviewed by a medical professional is important especially if there are complaints of body pain besides all of these signs and symptoms.

Why Do Pregnant Women Feel Hot During Pregnancy?

A couple of pregnancy-induced factors make it typical for pregnant women to feel hot during pregnancy. Some of these pregnancy-induced factors include the following:

Increased Volume and Flow of Blood

Nature makes it possible for a woman to nurse a baby right from the womb and even postpartum. However, nursing the baby in the uterus is no child’s play. For one, more blood is involved to meet the needs of the expectant mom and the baby in the womb.

Just so you know, the additional blood in the body is between 45 – 50 percent. To deal with this new but inconvenient situation, these vessels have to become more accommodating. This means that they dilate and this causes blood flow to happen close to the skin’s surface. The heart is also faced with the immense task of pumping more of this fluid.

Changes in the Levels of Pregnancy Induced Hormones

Other than the reasons mentioned above, some hormonal changes in the body also cause hot flashes during pregnancy.

How Do You Keep Cool During Pregnancy?

You can keep cool during pregnancy by doing the following:

Avoid Tight and Air-Tight Clothing

It would help if you avoid clothes that are very tight and that are airtight. Whatever you wear (even while you sleep at night) should not restrict air from flowing to your body.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water prevents dehydration. Staying hydrated, especially in your pregnant state will help you deal better with hot flashes. So, you need to drink enough water.

Stay in Cool and Well-Ventilated Places

This is why saunas, hot baths, and hot tubs are not a good idea in your state. Rather, you should stay in a place that is cool and well-ventilated. You might also want to watch the weather before heading out.

We have other information on our website’s sexuality segment that you will find helpful. For example, you can read about when women start showing pregnancy.

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