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Does Noom Really Work?

Does Noom Really Work?

There are several online tales about how the Noom app has come through for people with weight loss challenges. Some of these reports point out how Noom is the best digital weight loss program there is. But despite these reports, some people are still skeptical and it is quite understood. This is especially because Noom is not a free-to-use app. These people don’t want to be victims of some untrue PR campaign.

In the spirit of finding out the truth before you register and start logging in to use the app, this IST Health reviews post will do a good but brief work of reviewing the Noom weight loss program. This IST Health review will help you discover if the Noom weight loss app really does the work of helping users lose weight. So, don’t stop reading.

What Is Noom About?

This is a subscription-based digital weight loss app. The app is designed to offer customized plans that support the weight loss goal of its users. In other words, it does not engage a generalist approach like many other weight loss apps. Rather, it is a custom plan for a user.

At the point when you get started with registration, some weight loss-related questions are deliberately asked. Your reply to these questions is critical as your reply will help the app come up with a plan that best suits you.

Is Noom as Good as They Say?

Noom has lived up to expectations as one of the best digital solutions for losing weight. This stance is based on the experience of many people who have made use of the program for weight loss purposes. Some of the known reasons why weight and body fat can truly be lost with the Noom app are outlined and discussed below:

Is Noom as Good as They Say?

Realistic and Sustainable Weight Loss Plan

This is one of the major highlights of using the Noom app program. The plan is realistic as reported by many people who use Noom. For example, rather than abruptly stop people from eating certain foods because of the enormous amount of calories they contain, the plan is to prioritize certain foods over others.

While some of these high-calorie foods can still make up your diet, the app helps you understand how much or less of them you can eat in a day. This is both to support your weight loss goal and healthy living as well.


There is so much to say about how well-organized the app and its weight loss program are. In terms of helping you understand how much of certain foods you can have in your diet, colors are used. Some foods fit into the red, yellow, and green color groups.

Foods in the red-colored group are very calorie-dense foods. Food like red meat fits perfectly into this group. The yellow-colored group consists of foods that also contain a reasonable amount of calories. However, they are nowhere as calorie-dense as foods in the red group.

Foods in the green group are low-calorie foods and the app strongly advises that users prioritize them daily. Fruits like orange fit into this group. Foods in these groups are different as how long it takes the body to gain weight from them differs.

While the plan is not to stop eating foods in the red and yellow class, it is to give more preference to the green group and this is well-detailed. Besides the food category, the user interface is appealing and helps people make good use of the program that the app offers.

Great Psychological Approach

Noom does not only tell people how to lose some body pounds with its custom plan. Beyond this, Noom goes the extra mile by motivating people to do the needful. Daily motivations, as well as brief but expert lessons, are sent to help people do the needful. Many users have admitted to how this helps them overcome bad eating habits that cause weight gain in the first place.

Good Tracking System

The app is designed in such a way that you can track how much success you have recorded as days go by. For example, you can decide to track your progress level every week. The report will help you make certain adjustments to your plan or have you keep doing what you have been doing.

At the point of registration, you can even set a time range for when you want to achieve your weight loss goal. For example, this can be exactly 30 days or a little over one month.

Support System

Noom is not just a full-fledged automated weight loss app like many others. There is a support system that can help when the need arises. For example, you can have a nutrition coach clear the air on certain things.

Other posts on this website can be read to keep you well-informed. For example, you can find out how many calories breaks a fasted state.

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