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How to Slow Down Metabolism to Gain Weight

How to Slow Down Metabolism to Gain Weight

What happens to the food when you eat is a function of metabolism for the most part. Metabolism has to do with how your body converts the foods that you eat into energy and provides essential support in some other areas. This happens because of the way your body will burn the calories contained in these foods.

Metabolism is important and determines a lot. Weight gain or weight loss is one of the things it determines. People with a slow basal metabolic rate (BMR) tend to add weight quickly and easily. It is the other way around for people with a fast basal metabolic rate.

Is It Possible to Slow Down Metabolism for Weight Gain Purposes?

Just as it is possible to boost metabolism, it is also possible to reduce metabolism’s pace. Several medical studies have confirmed this and doing so in a healthy manner supports the actualization of your weight gain goals. This is because there will be an increase in fat accumulation in the body.

The right approach to nutrition, exercise & fitness activity, sleep, and lifestyle at large will help slow down metabolism. Here in IST Health’s weight loss segment, men and women who would like to gain weight can find out ways to do this in this article. So, read on as this is briefly but properly addressed.

The Place of Nutrition in Slowing Down Metabolism

Nutrition and weight management are related. For example, there is the right diet to help you lose so much weight in a month.

Be that as it may, what and how you eat is not the only approach to decreasing your body’s metabolism rate. However, it is the most important. So, you would achieve quite a lot by getting your diet and eating habits right. In light of this, you can trigger a decrease in your body’s metabolic pace by doing the following:

Consuming More Calories

This seems like the most logical thing to do. Weight loss would most likely suggest that you are not consuming enough calories. So, it would help if your diet is composed of high-calorie foods. However, be careful not to eat lots of unhealthy high-calorie foods.

For instance, instead of processed meals with lots of sugar, you can turn to foods like refined grains, granola bars, and fruit juices. You should also prioritize carbs (carbohydrates) above other food classes. People who are particular about building muscle mass even as they add weight should have lots of protein every day.

Tricking Your Metabolism Into Slowing itself Down

For a fact, this point might sound counter-intuitive but it is every bit the fact. One thing that the body can do is adjust to new realities to a certain extent. On that note, the advice here is that you practice intermittent fasting for some period.

The goal is to have your body thinking that you are running out of calories and have it slow down your metabolism to sustain you for much longer. Then you break with a large meal. By then, it cannot swiftly begin to break-down food as it once did. As a result, you get the extra fat you’ve always wanted.

You should also avoid eating too many times a day. Spread your meals across various parts of the day. However, ensure that you eat so much at a go. This is rather than eating in little bits. This can help decrease your BMR levels.

Be Mindful of Supplements

The goal is not only to gain weight but to do so in a healthy manner. This is why you have to be mindful of supplements made for this purpose. Some of them work at the expense of certain essential hormones in the body.

For example, the thyroid hormone is usually adversely affected by some of these supplements. If you must use one, visit your clinic and have the doctor or dietitian give consent and recommend one to you. This way, you will not add weight and lose something essential in your body.

We have other information on our website’s weight loss segment that you may find helpful. For example, you can find out how to get rid of arm fat fast.

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