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How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day to Lose Weight?

How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day to Lose Weight?

The average person can lose between 1 – 4 pounds of body weight in a month if the average calorie intake is reduced by 500 calories every day. Those who want more than this would have to ensure more calorie reductions.

While being overweight is not ideal and overweight individuals need to be serious about losing weight, healthy weight-loss approaches should be sought. This is why the use of fast but unhealthy tactics is discouraged.

More on this subject will be addressed in this IST Health weight loss article. So, keep reading to get the healthy weight loss information that you need.

Weight Loss with the Right Approach

To burn body fat for weight loss the healthy way, the universal rule is to cut down on calorie intake through a proper diet. This means that you need to watch the foods you eat daily. This should be combined with daily exercise activity.

With other changes to lifestyle habits such as – staying well hydrated, getting adequate sleep, and avoiding alcohol intake; you will be losing weight in the best possible way. This is even if it is not as fast as some unhealthy tactics. To put things in proper perspective, here are some things to do to reduce body weight in the best way:

Take Cognizance of Your Present Weight

Body fat is not the only thing that is lost when some pound of flesh is lost. Other non-fatty components (especially, lean tissue) are lost as well. Losing so much can be detrimental both for men and women.

So, watch how much weight you lose at a go. Do not be too desperate to see your weight number go down drastically in a short while. This is where using your present body weight, height, and age comes in. A well-structured online weight loss calculator can help you with this.

Take Cognizance of Your Present Weight

Have an Active Exercise Program

Exercise influences your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) by making it faster. As a result, your body will burn more calories from meals quickly. It starts by doing this temporarily but it will have a long-lasting effect if you keep up with an active exercise program.

Besides doing proper exercise, this means that you have to be consistent with the right exercise program every day, or on selected days of the week. Another reason you should exercise is to develop muscle mass, as well as boost energy levels.

Weight Loss-Centered Nutrition

Many people are aware of how reducing food intake can help with weight loss. But the problem is that many of these people are not aware or serious about eating weight loss-centered foods.

For example, let’s compare 8 ounces of lemon-lime soda to 16 ounces of black coffee. There are more ounces of black coffee involved but fewer calories compared to the lemon-lime soda drink at 8 ounces.

While the latter contains roughly 134 calories, the black coffee option contains 5 calories (without milk, sugar, or cream). Your question should not just be “how much should I eat?” but “how many calories should I eat?”.  Every meal you consume needs to be weight loss-centered.

One thing that would help is consuming fewer fats and carbs, but more protein. This is because protein is a food class that contains things that will build your muscle mass. Taking cognizance of your diet is not only for weight loss purposes. It is also high on the list of factors that help people maintain or even gain weight.

Eat at the Right Time

Eating late-night meals is not especially advised for overweight individuals. This is because of how the average BMR plays out at night while sleeping. To this end, pay more attention to (especially) breakfast and lunch. Dinner is best taken as early in the evening as possible.

We have other information on our website’s weight loss segment that you will find helpful. For example, you can find out how you can get rid of arm fat fast.

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