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Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor – 5 Selection Tips

Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor – 5 Selection Tips

Understanding expert selection tips is the best way for people to get the most accurate blood pressure monitors. The reason is that newer and better blood pressure monitor devices keep flooding the market from time to time.

So, while we would offer some recommendations based on reviews of some of the best blood pressure monitors, this IST Health reviews article will further discuss selection tips. This is to help you make the right decision at any given time. Read on to ensure that you make a great choice when it comes to the purchase of devices for monitoring blood pressure levels.

IST Health’s Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitors

As of the time of writing this article, here is IST Health’s take on the most accurate blood pressure monitors:

  • Platinum Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron
  • 7 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by Omron
  • Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Kit by Greater Goods
  • Beurer BM 67 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Home Blood Pressure Monitor by Welch Ally
  • iHealth Track Connected Blood Pressure Monitor

The choice of the 6 aforementioned blood pressure monitors is based on the selection tips discussed in the subsequent section. Read on to find out more about these selection tips.

How to Choose an Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Device

There are myriads of blood pressure monitors in store for people that need this device. That being said, choosing a high-quality device is as important as getting one in the first place. This is important as not all goods meet up to the required standard, even in terms of accuracy. The simple reason is so that people can make informed life decisions based on the device’s data accuracy.

For example, there is a huge link between the operations of the heart and blood pressure levels. So, accurate measurement of blood pressure levels thanks to the readings of the blood pressure monitor device will help users take proper care of their heart. This knowledge will also make it easy for a doctor to recommend the next medical line of action.

Just so you know, the amount of water you drink in a day can impact your blood pressure levels. Accurate readings from this device can do as little as help you realize how much or less water you should be drinking each day. In light of all these, here are some proven ways to help users select an accurate blood pressure monitor product:

How to Choose an Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Device

The Kind of Product

The price of some devices used to measure blood pressure levels is what informs the choice of some people. This is why many such people choose manual devices. We would rather you not buy manual blood pressure monitors as their readings are not always accurate.

Considering that accuracy should be the primary deciding factor, choosing digital blood pressure devices is advised. Taking the reading of digital devices is also easy as some of them are mobile app and Bluetooth compatible.

Clear and Easy Display

The mmHg reading of the blood pressure monitor should be very clear and easy to read. Stay away from devices with complications in getting blood pressure measurements.

Good Data Storage Capacity

A good blood pressure monitor device should enable the user to track progress. In simpler terms, the user should be able to compare readings taken at various times. For example, this will help a user with hypertension and his/her doctor in understanding how much progress is made.

Easy to Use

Blood pressure readings can be taken at the office of your doctor. However, using blood pressure monitor devices seems like a better choice for several reasons. Convenience is one of such reasons as the user can use the product at home, in the office, and generally in a calm environment.

This is why a device that is not easy to use defeats the purpose of such goods in the first place. For starters, this is why we recommend wireless devices as they are mobile and can be used anywhere. But even in the spirit of choosing devices that are convenient to use, some devices are not advised.

Wrist & finger blood pressure monitors fall into this category. The ability of such monitors to accurately measure the blood pressure readings of users has not been verified by health bodies like the American Heart Association (AHA).

On the contrary, the AHA and many other like-minded organizations are fine with upper arm cuff blood pressure monitors. So, we advise that you choose top-rated options in this category.

Regulatory Compliance

Before you order any blood pressure monitor on platforms like Amazon, do well to check its regulatory compliance status. Be sure that regulatory organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA), the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), and/or similar bodies approve of its use.

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