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When Should I Consult a Sexologist?

When Should I Consult a Sexologist?

Sex is a subject that many people shy away from. This is because many societies view (especially open) conversations about it as taboo. This is quite ironic as sexual intercourse is the bedrock of (especially) marital relationships. For what it’s worth, your relationship can be better if the sexual experience in the relationship is good enough.

So, it needs to be properly addressed. This requires consulting a sexologist if the need ever arises. By the way, things don’t have to be entirely bad before you and/or your companion consult a sex therapist.

Considering how sexologists can help better sexual life in your relationship, we will answer questions that center on when consulting this specialist is necessary. So, keep reading this IST Health sexuality post to find out more on this subject.

When Consulting a Sexologist Becomes Necessary

Consultation with these specialists is not only worth it for situations that present serious problems. An official visit to a sexologist can be best for spicing up your sex life when things are fine as well. That being said, below are clear signs that you need psychological and/or medical treatment from a sexologist:

Traumatic History that Negatively Affects Sexual Experience

Sexual activities trigger the release of pleasure-triggering hormones and there are medical explanations for this. This is as researched by doctors and several other medical specialists. However, much of the experience during sexual activities are psychological.

This is why some traumatic issues from the past can adversely influence your sexual experience. For example, women and even men who have been sexually abused at some point in time may not derive pleasure from sex. This is why such men and women need the sort of care that a sex therapist can offer.

When Consulting a Sexologist Becomes Necessary

Sexual Disorders

Sex education is paramount. It makes it possible for people to understand if they have a sexual disorder. Vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation are a few examples of sexual disorders.

People who show symptoms of any of these sexual problems need to consult a sex therapist. Ideally, a test will be done before subsequent measures are taken. In some cases, the situation can be referred to an MBBS-certified doctor with a specialty in dealing with such cases.

There are also cases in which the specialist prescribes medicine for treatment. Treatment may even require nothing more than Ayurvedic solutions. By and large, men and women who show symptoms of any of these disorders should not keep their sexual problems to themselves. They need to see a sexologist rather than listen to inexperienced online sources.

Boring Sex

Imagine doing the same thing over and over for years with very little or no changes. It would likely get boring. Even sex could be this way. For this reason, you and your partner need to be very objective with progress in this regard. Furthermore, you need to seek help from a top sexologist to spice things up the moment you notice things are becoming boring.

Problems with Sexual Satisfaction

People who are not getting sexual satisfaction from their companion or those unable to satisfy their companion sexually need to consult a sexologist. Sexologists are trained to help such people become as sexually compatible as possible. For example, if there is a problem with motivating your partner to spice things up, these specialists are into the psychological business of discussing how pleasurable sex contributes to healthy living.

Besides the psychological side of things, sexologists understand how sexual dissatisfaction may be a result of an underlying medical condition and not just the activities of your partner. For example, hypertension can adversely affect the flow of blood to the vagina.

This affects the soothing of muscles in the vaginal cavity during sexual intercourse. By the way, you may be interested in finding out how to get an accurate blood pressure monitor for frequent monitoring of your blood pressure levels.

Confusion about Your Sexuality

This is a subject that many equally shy away from. A sexologist can help shed light and influence making informed decisions on this subject.

Other posts on this website can be read to keep you well-informed. For example, you can read this sexuality-related article to find out when period weight goes away.

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