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How Many Times Do Married Couples have Intercourse?

How Many Times Do Married Couples have Intercourse?

You’ll most likely get peculiar answers to the question of how many times married couples have sex in a day, week, month, or year. This makes it quite hard to figure out how much sexual activity people have in their relationships. By and large, sex is more or less a priority for some people and couples than others. Besides this, other factors determine the frequency of sexual intimacy for married couples.

Regardless, a study conducted by the IST Health sexuality team discovered that sexual frequency is somewhere from once a week to as much as 4 – 5 times every week. You must understand that this statistic is not all-encompassing as it features just a select few people. Read on as more on this subject is discussed here in this study.

What Determines How Sexually Involved a Couple Gets in Marriage?

Here are a few things that determine sex life features in marital relationships:

General Intimacy

Sex is not just for procreation in a relationship. Sex is an important way a couple expresses their love for one another. So, issues that make a person feel dissatisfied with his/her spouse will likely affect the desire for sexual intimacy with that partner.

Our team even gathered that women are more likely to turn down sex toward their male partners as a result. On the contrary, men are very moved by what they see. So, a lot of men don’t appreciate sex as much as they once did because their spouse has lost a particular physical look that they love.


Fidelity is a factor that determines sexual frequency in marriage. By the way, a study by our team discovered that men cheat more than women. There is an increased chance that sex life in relationships with infidelity issues is less active.

Well, this is because the male or/and female partner is getting sex from someone else. Also, the spouse may refuse sex so that he/she doesn’t contract sexually transmitted diseases.

What Determines How Sexually Involved a Couple Gets in Marriage?

Sexual Satisfaction

A healthy sex life guarantees sexual satisfaction. This simply means that the couple enjoys sex, rather than one or none of them. A person who doesn’t enjoy sex with his/her spouse will likely not desire to have sex with that partner. On the contrary, a partner that enjoys sex with his/her partner will long to have sex frequently with that partner. This is one of the mental sides to sex.


Sexual activity can be positively and adversely affected as time goes by. For example, sex seems to be more frequent in the first year of marriage. This is the honeymoon phase and the couples are very interested in exploring one another.

But as the years go by, things happen that can reduce the number of times couples have sex in their relationship. A common one is the coming of kids. As these kids get older, interest in sex can be reignited.

Professional Help

Couples need to admit when they have sexual problems in their relationship and seek professional help. Sadly, it has become quite normal for many relationships to keep their sex problems to themselves. Relationships with partners who are willing to consult a sexologist for solutions usually get their sex life to work again. As a result, they end up having sex more often than they use to.

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