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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

There is an age-long debate on whether or not dreams should be paid any attention to. One school of thought posits that a dream is no more than a figment of your subconscious imagination and should be paid very little or no attention. On the contrary, another school of thought believes paying more attention to your dream is going to help you make better and more informed decisions.

Well, we belong to the latter school of thought as we believe dreams can be revealing and instructive. However, dream interpretation can be another hard nut to crack. So, we understand if you are confused about the meaning of your dream or dreams about snakes. This IST Health lifestyle article will shed light on the possible meanings of dreams about snakes.

5 Tips to Help You Interpret Your Snake Dream

Seeing a snake or snakes in your dream could represent many things. This is why you are better off learning to interpret what the presence of the snake or snakes in your dream represents. We should also add that the interpretation of what happened when you were dreaming can be very ambiguous.

This is because spiritual, religious, and cultural interpretations can symbolize so many things. But from what we have gathered, here are tips to help you interpret your snake dream very well:

What Happened in the Dream?

Before you jump to conclusions on how seeing a snake in your dream does mean that something negative has happened or is about to happen, ask yourself what happened in the dream. Because snakes are associated with something bad in many places and even religion, people who dream about snakes may lose touch with what happened. The truth is that it can also mean something trivial or even positive.

Let’s paint two dream scenarios to buttress this point. Imagine one person who dreams about a snake shedding its skin, while another person dreams about a snake bite.  While the latter can be a sign of impending danger or something bad set to happen, the former does not necessarily mean the same. It could be a sign or symbol of a new beginning.

In the first dream situation, the snake was a threat, while skin shedding does not necessarily indicate anything bad. It could even mean that something good is coming your way.

5 Tips to Help You Interpret Your Snake Dream

What Is Happening in Your Life?

What is happening in your life can be a huge pointer to what the snake dream does mean. For example, if you had a dream of a snake shedding its skin after a divorce or heartbreak, it could mean that you’ll experience healing with time.

On the contrary, this narrative can change if you had this dream before getting into a relationship. It could mean there is something fishy that you do not know about your prospective partner. In other words, the interpretation of your snake dream is connected to what is happening in your life.

How Did You Feel in the Dream?

How you did feel in the dream after seeing the snake indicates something. Was it fear, excitement, or uncertainty? You should not only be bothered with how you felt after waking up but how you felt in the dream.

If the emotional energy was positive in your dream, then it could mean there is nothing to worry about or that something good is about to happen. It could be the other way around if the energy felt was negative.

Your Common Beliefs

Your common beliefs as influenced by your culture, religion, and spiritual beliefs can help with dream interpretation. For example, red snakes are connected with evil in a culture that we researched. The same culture believes that a green snake is a sign of fertility and increase.

Your Gut

What do you think about the dream? Sometimes, you are in the best position to interpret your dream. You should ask yourself what your gut tells you about the dream.

Whatever the dream’s interpretation is; you should stay calm. You can even take a cold shower because of its benefits. After that, you can figure out what needs to be done. But in all you do, stay calm.

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