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Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss Female – Selection Criteria

Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss Female - Selection Criteria

Protein powders can help women in their bid to lose body fat and weight. This is because the average protein powder is supposed to be high in essential amino acids that support improved muscle mass and reduced body fat. For this reason, people (including women) who intend to lose body weight (fat especially) are advised to incorporate protein powder into their daily diet.

However, it has to be the best protein powder designed to have this effect. Of course, many brands claim their protein powder product is the best for this purpose. Unfortunately, you cannot always hold every one of them to their word. This is where reviews like this come in very handy.

In the spirit of ensuring women get the best protein powder that supports fat and weight loss, this IST Health reviews post will help by recommending some protein powder products that are the best of their kind. Besides recommending any protein powder product, we will increase your options by sharing some women’s weight loss protein powder selection tips here. So, do well to keep reading.

Criteria for the Selection of Protein Powder for Female Weight Loss

Any time you set out to get the best protein powder for fat and weight loss purposes, here are some things you should take into consideration:

Low Carbs but High Fiber

There are several other reasons for using protein powders besides their ability to support fat and weight loss. But if the primary reason for using it is to lose body fat and weight, then you have to stay away from options that have high carb content. Sugar is a form of carb and this means you have to get a protein powder with ingredients that are low in sugar. Your protein shake should not be high in sugar to support your weight loss course.

You should equally ensure that the protein powder product has a high enough amount of fiber. Do this by checking the product’s label to know how many grams of fiber are used to make the protein powder product.

Something Free of Artificial Sweeteners

Because of the challenges with inorganic options, we strongly advise getting an organic product. One of the implications is that it should be free of artificial sweeteners. Just as with artificial sweeteners, we also have the same stance towards unnecessary fillers. This is why we advise that you avoid products that contain some form of gluten and other unnecessary fillers. Organic protein powders are the best for reasons like these.

Criteria for the Selection of Protein Powder for Female Weight Loss

Something with Safe Amounts of Calories

Primarily, people gain body fat and weight because of their excess intake of calories. Protein powders contain calories but the best sort has to have calories that do not exceed a safe range. This is so that women do not take in too many calories with every serving that they use per time.

Furthermore, transparency is one attribute of the best kinds of protein powders for making a protein shake or use in other forms. For example, the protein powder product should be detailed in how much protein is contained in a scoop of the protein powder. This information will help ensure that people use the right amounts of protein powder in their protein shake and no more than that.


This is one part of choosing the best protein powder that is down to preference, for the most part. Various flavors can make up a part of the ingredients used in making protein powders. You should choose a protein powder product with flavors that you like. For example, the flavors could be chocolate or vanilla.

Speaking of preference, there are other things that you may have to take into consideration besides flavors. For example, some people are vegans and cannot deal with certain top-quality protein powder products: as they are not vegan-friendly products. Such people should prioritize plant-based powder powders.

Proper Protein Source

In nutrition parlance, protein is the core of what makes up protein powders. Protein can be sourced from various sources. The primary source is very important and this is why it should be properly assessed before you buy the product. Some good sources include – casein, whey, brown rice, pea, and egg white.

IST Health’s Recommended Protein Powders for Female Weight Loss

This list is not exhaustive and that is why you should understand and make informed decisions based on the selection criteria discussed above. Having made that clear, some of the protein powders that we recommend for female fat and weight loss are:

  • Orgain Clean Whey Protein Powder
  • Isopure Whey Isolate Protein Powder
  • Cellucor Whey Sport Protein Powder
  • Navitas Organics Protein Powder
  • Naked Whey Protein Powder

Using nutrition expert’s recommended servings of these protein powders will help you lose so much weight. All of these protein powder products are worth every cent on the dollar that they cost in price. We should also add that they are quite popular in the online market as they can be gotten from platforms like Amazon.

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