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How to Lose Weight on Beta Blockers

How to Lose Weight on Beta Blockers

There is not just one but several medications that are classified as beta blockers. Metoprolol is a good example. These medications are prescription drugs that help in the treatment of some health conditions. Some health conditions these drugs can help treat include hypertension (high blood pressure), type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

The right beta-blocker must be used any time the need arises. This is why running the decision to use beta blockers through your doctor is the right thing to do. Hearing from your healthcare service provider will help you have full control even as you use this medication.

But despite the numerous benefits, there are also side effects associated with this medicine. The likelihood of weight gain (or even obesity), especially due to fatigue is one of the side effects for patients on this medication. As a result, weight loss while on this medication can be a daunting task.

Can You Lose Weight While Using Beta Blockers?

People on beta blocker medication can lose weight as they speed up their body’s metabolism. This is even though patients on beta-blockers may not lose as much weight in a month as regular people would lose.

Would you like to learn how you can go about weight loss while on beta blockers? This will be covered in this study on IST Health’s weight loss segment. So, follow through to the end of this article as you will find out more.

Weight Loss Tips While on Beta Blockers

Reliable medical data reports that patients who abuse beta-blocker medication can be exposed to severe side effects. So, for the sake of healthy living, the decision to use this medicine should be approved by your healthcare service provider.

Having made his clear, weight loss while on beta blocker medication will be primarily achieved by boosting the body’s basal metabolic rate. Diet and exercise are essential in helping you achieve this and here are some tips in this regard:

Eat More Frequently

Because of your peculiarities, you are not restricted to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner alone. You should eat an extra two times at least. Although this sounds like a weight gain tip, the motivation is getting the body’s metabolism to act faster. You should also eat the right foods. Speaking of eating the right foods, let’s move on to the next point.

Proper Diet

Other than eating more frequently to combat fatigue caused by this medication, make sure to eat the right foods. These are foods that will not only help combat fatigue, but that will supply nutrients needed to boost metabolism. Examples of such foods include:

  • Fruit snacks like strawberries and apples
  • Vegetables like broccoli, cucumbers, and carrots
  • Lean meat like salmon and turkey

The foods you eat every day should supply a rich amount of iron, B vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Water is also important.

Seeing how it may be difficult to keep track of nutrients in your regular diet, you can allow the right supplements to join in the bid to get the needed nutrients every day.

But before you turn to any supplement, have the pertinent doctor from your healthcare service provider recommend the right supplement. This is especially to avoid drug compatibility issues.


The right blends of moderate-mild exercise and fitness activity will also help you lose weight while using any beta blocker medication. Engaging in high-intensity exercises and fitness activities can make exercise a turnoff; keeping you away from exercising. This explains why cardio should be avoided.

We have other information on our website’s weight loss segment that you will find helpful. For example, you can find out how to get rid of arm fat fast.

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