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Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Does waking up early seem like a very daunting task even when you retire to bed quite early? Is your inability to wake up as early as you need getting in the way of your work and life at large? It most certainly means that you are a heavy sleeper.

Thankfully, even heavy sleepers stand a good chance of waking up at the desired time with the right alarm clock. Even light sleepers are not left out as it can help them as well. Considering that there are myriads of alarm clocks in the market with varying standards, read on as this IST Health reviews post will help you make the best product choice any day you set out to get one.

IST Health’s Choice for Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Thanks to the features that they offer, the goal to wake up early in the morning as a heavy or even light sleeper can be achieved with the following alarm clocks:

Sonic Alert SBB500ss Sonic Bomb Dual Alarm Clock

Sonic Bomb is high on sounds and this is how it gets heavy sleepers to wake up. This is unlike sunrise alarms that are better suited for light sleepers. Alarms like this one offer something extra enough to wake heavy sleepers from their deep sleep. Considering how its sound can be as loud as 113 decibels, the excuse of not hearing the alarm clock go off will not fly even for heavy sleepers. By the way, it doesn’t have to be this loud as the volume and tone sound can be adjusted.

The bed shaker that sonic alert SBB500ss sonic bomb comes with is what we like to term the good-enough extra for heavy sleepers. The advanced technology behind its making is the reason its operations don’t put so much strain on its battery. So, users of this product have quite a lot to enjoy with regard to battery backup, as the power will not just go out anytime soon.

This Sonic Bomb alarm clock allows for dual use and comes with several other adjustable features. For example, the snooze timing can be adjusted to suit your needs. With all that Sonic Bomb has to offer, it would be a smart choice for heavy sleepers and even gets 5 stars from our team. This is for its quality and even fair price as seen on sites like Amazon.

IST Health’s Choice for Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

Philips HF3520/60 SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

This is a sunrise alarm but worth mentioning as a solution for heavy sleepers. For starters, this is because it helps you sleep better. Sleeping soundly increases your chances of getting up early in the morning and being active enough to go about your day.

The light display features of Philip HF3520/60 SmartSleep Wake-Up Light are good at this. Its dynamic brightness feature mimics nature and how it helps people sleep at night and get up early in the morning. Many heavy sleepers have reported becoming morning people after consistent use of this Philips alarm clock. Also worth pointing out is that it works using sounds as well. This is unless you choose to disable its sound features.

By and large, this Philips alarm clock is high on versatility as it does so much. For example, it has a radio feature for users who would like to take advantage of this. It is also very easy to use. For example, it doesn’t take a lot to adjust the snooze setting.

Loftie Alarm Clock

With all that Loftie offers users, it can pass as the best choice. It will help you sleep well with its white-noise features that mask other noises and get you in the mood to sleep.

Loftie will also help you wake up as early as you need to with its sound features. We particularly like this product because of the many wonderful choices it presents to users and the top-notch convenience that it guarantees. For example, you can choose from an ever-growing amount of sounds and make use of its Bluetooth feature.

Jall Digital Alarm Clock

The first thing about this alarm clock that caught our attention was its price. While it is not free, it truly gives value for money considering its quality versus its price (as seen on platforms like Amazon). Besides ringing out loud enough to wake heavy sleepers, users of this digital alarm clock can find out the humidity and temperature levels of their room with this affordable alarm clock.

USCCE Loud Dual Alarm Clock

It allows dual use and so two people can make good use of it. It offers 3 alarm modes and comes with an effective shaker. Its sound coupled with its shaker is enough to wake heavy sleepers.

Besides the use of alarm clocks, other things can contribute to sleeping and waking up early. For example, cold showers before retiring to bed can keep you active rather than making you sleep. On the contrary, cold showers in the morning can help people become active quickly. Other posts on this website can be read to keep you well-informed. For example, you can read about how long it takes to gain weight from food.

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