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Why Did I Get My Period Twice in One Month on Birth Control?

Why Did I Get My Period Twice in One Month on Birth Control?

As a health platform committed to providing health and lifestyle-based posts, we make sure to hear from people as well. In light of this, we have heard from several women using birth control who complain about getting their menstrual period twice in one month.

Is it a common experience? Is this experience a cause for alarm? Could it be one of the symptoms of a vaginal or reproductive health condition? Is it a cause for medical treatment by your clinic’s doctor?

We bet that you want answers and you will get them here. Just continue to read this IST Health sexuality post as the information will help inform you about this subject.

Is It Normal to Get Your Period Twice While Using Birth Control?

Getting your menstrual period twice a month while on birth control is normal. Some reasons for this are explained below:

The Body’s Adjustment

Birth control works by interrupting the normal activities of certain hormones in your body. By and large, these are hormones that play a crucial role in the unfolding of your menstrual cycle and even pregnancy.

The intentional but abnormal twist in the operations of these hormones can cause women to experience menstrual bleeding twice a month. The blood flow should not be heavy for both discharges of blood. At least one of them should be more like spotting.

However, the body should ease into the operations of birth control pills with time. This means that the cycles of menstrual periods will occur at the normal time eventually.

Is It Normal to Get Your Period Twice While Using Birth Control?

Schedule Issues

Have the right personnel at the clinic to tell you how and when to use the pills or other methods for effective results. In addition to this, it is your responsibility to adhere to the instructions concerning when you should the pill.

On this note, not using the pill at the right time can be a reason for the irregular arrival of your period. So, start and end its use when you should.

Use of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

The use of emergency contraceptive pills is a birth control tactic. That being said, it is important to note that there is a difference between a typical birth control pill and an emergency contraceptive pill. However, even the use of the latter can cause irregular emergence of periods because of the way they work.

Other Reasons for Twice-a-Month Period

Irregular emergence of periods is not only linked to the use of birth control pills. Some of the other reasons include:


The right word would be bleeding between menstrual periods, rather than experiencing two menstrual periods. However, it is possible that the bleeding is heavy and mistaken for this. Proper diagnosis and treatment are required.

Improperly Functioning Thyroid

Hormonal changes or imbalances can be triggered by an improperly functioning thyroid. This can cause the irregular appearance of periods; including getting your period two times a month.


PCOS is also about improper hormonal activities which directly impact the emergence of your menstrual period. It can even go as far as stopping a woman’s period. Just as with improperly functioning thyroid and endometriosis, diagnosis and treatment are required.

A Sign that You Are Nearing Menopause

Menopause is a later phase in the life of women and it does not show up without some introductory symptoms. One such could be seeing your period two times a month.


The formation of fibroids in the uterine area (specifically the uterus’s lining) can be the cause. Polyps can also be the cause besides the pain that both irregular growths can cause in the body.

These are just a few of the possible reasons for this; besides the use of birth control pills. You also need to find out if it has anything to do with implantation bleeding which confirms a woman is positive for pregnancy.

Other posts in the sexuality section of this website can be read to keep you well-informed. For example, you can read about morning sickness and when it will start during pregnancy.

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