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Why Does My Fart Smell So Bad During Period?

Why Does My Fart Smell So Bad During Period?

There is so much that females have to deal with. Menstrual period and all that comes with it is an example. Speaking of some common symptoms of menstrual periods, one of them is frequent and smelly farts. Of course, flatulence is medically reviewed to be normal, as it is one of the ways air is let out of the body.

Although farting is not a problem, this gas let-out doesn’t have to stink. Well, many have come to realize how they fart incessantly and still have to deal with its terrible smell slightly before and during their menstrual period. Coupled with PMS-associated mood swings, this can affect how a person would feel, especially when they are around people.

In this IST Health sexuality post, we will do a brief but good job of discussing the reasons for this and sharing a few tips to deal with incessant and smelly farts. So, take care to read on.

Reasons Farts Are More Frequent and Smell Worse During Menstrual Periods

There are many explanations for why this happens. But based on medical research, some of the proven reasons include:

Slow Bowel Movement

Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and several other gut and digestive issues are often associated with periods. One of the implications of constipation is that bowel movement is slower than it usually would be. This means that the gas eventually let-out (as a fart) stays longer. This causes bacteria to further cause fermentation that makes the finally released air stink.

Reasons Farts Are More Frequent and Smell Worse During Menstrual Periods

Cravings for Sulfur-Rich Foods

As some behave while pregnant, especially in their first trimester, extreme craving for certain foods is also a sign associated with the coming of their period. Well, a person may have cravings for foods with high amounts of sulfur.

Such foods are more common than many people are aware of. For example, a food like egg has sulfur in it. Others include whole grains, cruciferous and leafy green vegetables, legumes, and many others.

By the way, sulfur is the major culprit when farts smell far from good. So, you may have to watch your diet for this reason.

Influence of Period Hormones

Hormonal changes usher in PMS symptoms. Estrogen and progesterone are high at this moment and this passes as one of the reasons for these frequent and smelly farts. This is especially because they come in the way of timely bowel movements.

The Impact of Prostaglandins Fatty Acids

An increase in prostaglandins (fatty acids) is one other thing that these hormonal changes cause. For starters, prostaglandins are responsible for the cramps that women feel during menstruation. But in this regard, it causes the contraction of the intestine and uterus. The contraction of the intestine causes the let-out of foul-smelling gas.

Limited Activity

The fatigue cause some women to be less active. This translates to less or no exercise routines which do not help.

Tips on Managing Frequent and Foul Smelling Period Farts

Here are some tips for managing this issue:

Have Control over the Craving

As with many other times, you need to eat what you need rather than what you want. In essence, the foods that you should be eating should not be determined by your cravings.

Be Mindful of Fiber

Lack or insufficient consumption of fiber leads to several gut issues. But even at that, you have to be mindful of how much fiber you end up eating. This is because eating fiber excessively causes more gas buildup in your body. This means that you would end up letting out gas incessantly.

Consider Probiotics

Taking safe and effective probiotics helps in addressing digestive and gut health issues by releasing healthy bacteria in the gut area. However, make sure this decision to use probiotics is authorized by your doctor.

More Exercise

Do not allow the pain and fatigue to get in your way of exercising and being as active as possible. This would help ease digestive issues that cause this problem.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

The whole situation could be worse if you don’t practice proper hygiene. As a person going through your period episode, make sure to practice proper hygiene.

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