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How to Use Vibration Plate or Machine

How to Use Vibration Plate or Machine

There is a long list of fitness equipment that has been designed for use at the gym, as well as at home. However, some stand out for certain reasons. One of them is the vibration machine or vibration plate. One of the features that make it stand out is how it enables full or whole-body vibration (WBV).

This is as long as it is used properly. There are tons of benefits of using a vibration machine or plate for its whole body vibration (WBV) feature. However, you would only get to enjoy these benefits if you know how to make good use of this one-of-a-kind fitness equipment.

In the spirit of ensuring that you make good use of the vibration machine or plate when the need arises, this article will touch on this subject. This is especially by reeling out some exercises that you can perform making use of its whole body vibration features.

Various Ways that Men and Women Can Benefit from Using Vibration Machines or Plates

Some studies prove how effective vibration machines and plates can be, especially for weight loss. From our IST Health weight loss study, some of the ways we have gathered its vibrations come in handy, especially for weight loss purposes, include the following:

  • It can improve body balance
  • It can improve people’s strength – There is a high chance of this happening especially when some exercises are performed using this machine
  • Increases your chances of quickly toning muscles in certain body parts – Performing the plank exercise with your legs on the vibration machine’s platform targets your core muscle mass
  • Slight mental health therapy – This happens by reducing cellulite & stress levels
  • Alleviates and may even resolve muscle soreness
  • Enhances blood circulation in the body

While the above benefits are confirmed, a few studies claim the use of vibration plates contributes positively to bone mineral density. Further research is still needed to prove this (if true). You can work towards enjoying all these benefits and more with vibration plates. However, this is as long as you make good use of this fitness equipment. The next part of this article will touch on this.

But before then, it is important to note that vibration machines or plates are not suitable for use by a certain group of people. Studies have shown how some people who suffer or have suffered from heart attacks or diseases are not supposed to use this machine.

Furthermore, people on a pacemaker and those with a history of strokes are not supposed to use these machines. The best thing would be to confirm with your doctor if using a vibration machine or plate would not cause pain or any severe problem.

Workout Training that Help You Use Vibration Machines or Plates Effectively

You can lose weight and burn body fat by merely standing on a vibration machine or plate. However, you would not lose as much as you can by just standing on its platform.

You need to optimize the machine’s ability to help with weight and fat reduction by performing exercises using its platform. This is the only way you get to lose so much weight in a month. Some exercise training that can help in this regard includes:

Push Ups

You can do all varieties of push-ups with your feet right on the vibration machine or plate’s platform. Just for the record, push-ups require that your entire body weight rests on your hands and feet as you push your body up and go low intermittently.

Shoulder Extension

You would need to stand right on the vibration machine or plate’s platform with two dumbbell weights. With your hands by your side, there are two variations of this exercise that you can do. You can bring your wrist upwards to meet your shoulder. The other option is to move your hands sideways, rather than forward.

Thankfully, some of the best kinds of vibration machines or plates come with resistance bands. Some do not come with resistance bands but allow for them to be attached. You could as well use a resistance band, instead of two dumbbells as the same effects will be produced.

The aforementioned two exercises are just a few of the workout training you can perform even as you make good use of the vibration machine or plate. But it is also important that you get the best kind of this fitness equipment. You may want to pay attention to getting something that:

  • Allow for the use of remote features – For example, you should be able to turn on and off the power button remotely
  • Frequency control – Control over the vibrations should be possible. This way, different people can use it at their pace
  • Full accessories – It would help if yours came with helpful accessories like resistance bands

We have other information on our website’s weight loss segment that you will find helpful. For example, you can find out how wrestlers cut weight so fast.

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