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Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Reviews

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Reviews

Everlywell food sensitivity test is one of many home test kits from the stables of Everlywell Wellness Company. This company, which is headquartered in Texas, USA, is one of many companies that provide home testing diagnostic solutions.

With many of their products, users are well informed about their health state in various contexts and able to make the right moves. Here in this IST Health reviews post, you will discover more about one of their products – The everlywell Food Sensitivity Test kit. You should read on to discover more about this home testing solution and a few others.

What Is Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Kit?

The Everlywell food sensitivity test kit is designed to identify the levels of IgG (Immunoglobulin G) reactivity in your body. The IgG levels in your body are one of the ways to help figure out how your body reacts to certain foods.

By and large, a person can have a rough idea of food allergy problems and state with IgG-centered medical tests. So, it is one home testing solution for a person with food allergy symptoms.

Customer Review of Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Kit

We did find out how this home testing solution fares in terms of accuracy and other things. We did this by going through customer reviews on review platforms that are high on transparency. A pertinent doctor among our editorial team was also consulted to review this product. Below are a few reviews in light of the aforementioned move:

Its IgG Testing Method Is Questionable

The IgG testing method for this purpose is discovered to sometimes provide misleading and inaccurate information. The implication is that users might be made to strike out foods that are essential for their healthy living from their diet. This is because of the misleading information that this type of testing method can present.

The Food Allergy Test Seems Better

The Everlywell Food Sensitivity test kit works to a reasonable extent as noted by many people. However, it has some possible shortcomings. This is why our team doctor favors the use of Everlywell Food Allergy test kits instead.

The reason is that this home diagnostic test kit tests for IgE antibodies. To discover more about food allergy problems, measuring the amount of IgE antibodies seems like the best option. At least, it is better than the IgG testing type.

A Well-Organized Diagnostic Process

The process of getting your sample, diagnosis analysis, and presenting you with the result is very organized. Standard and approved lab facilities are used, the services of pertinent medical experts are sought, and confidentiality is respected.

Instructions detailing how to make use of the kit and mail your sample to the appropriate quarters are very explicit. We should also add that things happen in a timely fashion with the company. This is why results often come in time.

The Inconvenience of Getting a Blood Sample

The submitted sample is supposed to contain blood that will be examined at the approved lab. Some people think that the process of getting a blood sample is inconvenient. The process requires that the user prick a finger to extract blood that will be sent as a sample.

There Are Limitations

As its name suggests, it is supposed to help people better understand their sensitivity to various foods. But even at that, there are things that you cannot discover straightaway with Everlywell Food Sensitivity test kits.

For example, you cannot find out your exact allergies, your tolerance levels toward lactose, and if you are positive for Celiac disease. To find out the aforementioned, further consultations with your doctor are required.

Other Home Test Kits from Everlywell

Everlywell takes care to make many other at-home diagnostic test kits available to those who need them. Some of these test kits include:

Testosterone Test

People can find out their testosterone levels with this test kit. This is important as the testosterone hormone is important for fertility reasons and even the maintenance of muscle mass and healthy organs.

Men’s Health Test

This test offers a more comprehensive diagnosis solution for men. It does not only test for testosterone levels but the levels of other hormones like DHEA-S, Estradiol, and Cortisol. This test is important for men as imbalances with these hormones can cause problems with weight, mood, energy, and muscle mass.

Covid-19 Test

This test is designed to detect the presence of the covid-19 virus and was backed up by the FDA under emergency circumstances. It can even test for the presence of omicron in kids with it.

HPV Test

This is one of the many tests available to women. It tests for the presence of the HPV virus in women. The HPV test is crucial as HPV increases the chances of women having cervical cancer.

Thyroid Test

The levels of some essential thyroid hormones are examined using this test. Furthermore, antibodies that are critical to the functioning of the thyroid are also examined.

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